Brand: Lilac and Moss

Scent Description: Vanilla, incense, and tobacco mingle with neroli and sea kelp, combining mysterious smoke with murky water.

2 thoughts on “Quintana”

  1. from my past IMAM review; In the vial, almond-y and green. And on me it turns green grasses, salty, what the what…OMG!! OMFG!! Is it? Could it really? I think it’s.. OMG! It is! It totally is! This is just like my beloved Darling Clandestine’s Inked! Wait….no…it’s changing….it’s different, more mature?, but so much the same. If DC’s Inked is the pretty-boy, play-boy, merman who flirts with pretty maidens in the sparkling blue oceans (see my DC Inked review), then this is his older brother, who’s been there done that, and would rather keep to the deep, dark inky blue waters and read books like Sensuous Seas or The Silent World. If mermen wore glasses and sweaters, he would be bedecked in a pair of black/gold horned-rims and a shawl collar cotton cable knit in cream.

  2. This is one of the most unique scents I own. It is a sweet, spicy aquatic. The vanilla and tobacco mingle together perfectly. I do not get very much smoke from this scent. The aquatic base is more oceany than anything else. This has medium throw and lasts 5-6 hours on me. Overall I highly recommend it.

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