Daisy’s Blend

Brand: Lou Lou’s Soaps, Scrubs, & Scents

Scent Description: French vanilla, vanilla cream, vanilla sugar, vanilla marshmallows, and vanilla oleoresin. The vanilla oleoresin is a heavy, dark oil that floats in globules in the perfume. Just give your bottle a few turns to distribute the vanilla oil before use (e/o blend)

4 thoughts on “Daisy’s Blend”

  1. This is an incredibly potent vanilla blend. Again, I cannot stress how potent this is. I have an aged dram of this, and the merest drop will blast a thick maple sugar syrup off of me like the 4th of July. The longevity of this is also a behemoth. On me, I get more maple syrup rather than vanilla, but there’s also a hint of vanilla extract.

  2. Absolute stunning. The richest sweet vanilla, and a must for all vanilla lovers. The dark globules of oleoresin add a nice touch

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