Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: Manor is the scent of a once grand estate, now disheveled, forgotten and left exposed to the elements. The faint scent of previous owners and their esteemed guests – exquisitely perfumed ladies mingling with the intense rich and musky scent of smartly dressed gentlemen – meets rich wood floors and heavy wooden doors long since opened, decaying beadboard and Wainscot topped off with a thin layer of dust. It is very sophisticated and absolutely intoxicating.

Manor is a blend of woody-vanilla musk coupled with an incredible vanilla and exquisite oud. The scent is sweet and rich due to the vanillas, woody and incensey from the oud blend and a touch of sandalwood. On initial application and coldsniff, the aloeswood is a little stronger than it is on the dry down. Manor settles down wonderfully. After hours on the skin it does smell much sweeter due to the vanillas, though the woody/incense element is still detectable. Manor contains natural and synthetic oud. Unisex.

17 thoughts on “Manor”

  1. A really lovely, very woody vanilla. The wood is dry, but the vanilla is almost gourmand in its sticky, creamy sweetness. The oil format is strong and lasts multiple days on clothes and all day on my skin. If you’re familiar with By the Fireplace and enjoy it, this one may work for you.

  2. At first, the oud was very strong and off-putting on me to the point where I almost didn’t like this. But after a few weeks of rest, it’s a very lovely, dusty/woody vanilla. I also pick up hints of smoke and incense even though they’re not listed in the notes. Would recommend for fans of non-gourmand vanillas and dry winter scents!

  3. It definitely feels atmospheric in some way, the vanilla is strong but nice and creamy smelling. The wood doesn’t come out too much on me but it’s a nice background scent that uplifts the vanilla. I’ve heard people say that this is a primarily woody scent but I think it depends largely on skin texture because for me the vanilla was very much the shining star of this scent. I definitely like it, but I agree with another user that it seems like it takes a little bit of aging because it definitely did not smell this tasty when I first got it. I would recommend it though!

  4. Seems super mild/neutral. Has a hint of Library. There’s a tiny note in the back that’s off-putting, preventing me from loving this. I suspect it might be the oud.

  5. Ooooh this is my kind of perfume oil. On my skin this is predominantly woods, some incense (maybe sandalwood) and a non gourmand dry vanilla. The description lists the vanilla as “sweet” but this reads as a dry woody vanilla on my skin. Some of SS’s that contain vanilla end up going sweeter as they wear (fading into A beautiful sweet vanilla musk) but this blend stays more to the woods side of things as it wears. This is wonderful on it’s own but it’s a good layering choice to tone down sugary blends or add a wood aspect to a scent. To me, this one is so easy to wear. I can see why this one is so popular. Pretty good longevity, I can still smell this on me at 8+ hours.

  6. Manor kinda smells like a delicious old book left in a 100-year-old hand-hewn drawer in a gorgeous built-in, inside of an absolutely stately old home. There was a soft little vanilla sachet chilling in that drawer as well. This is a great fall/winter scent, perfect for cozy days spent curled up next to a bookshelf.

  7. The combination of dark, smoky woods gives Manor a richly caffeic impression when freshly applied, trailing off into sawdust and a smattering of equally dusty roses. The oudhs here are soft instead of medicinal, true to a Solstice blend, and layers smoothly over one another; one sharper and drier juxtaposed with one heavy and bitter. The vanilla note, initially faint, melds into the woody facets to give the scent a gradual warmth and creaminess until its eventual domination of the drydown.

  8. I love manor! It is one of those scents in my collection that I’ll just want to slather on any day and any time!! It’s a beautiful woodsy vanilla, the vanilla and musk combine to make this almost fuzzy smell that I adore! I actually also have white fox and think they smell quite similar, but white fox is just the vanilla and musk to me!

  9. This is a really really nice woody vanilla that is very true to the description. It really does give the impression of an empty fancy house. Not too much vanilla to make it sweet and not too much woodiness, just very well balanced.

  10. I don’t get a whole lot of vanilla, maybe a little bit of sweetness but almost nothing. However, it is a beautiful woody scent. It’s very deep, and has a lot of lasting power. It lasts the entire day. Really love this scent

  11. A unisex fragrance that leans feminine for a wood scent. Mild vanilla that isn’t overly sweet or powdery and wood- it reminds me of exploring the houses my carpenter father would renovate growing up… an empty old house – sawdust maybe even slightly salty. Very unique and worth trying, lasts a long time.

  12. The vanilla in Manor is indescribable. It took a few months of aging/resting to become as complex as it is. On the first few tries it came across strangely waxy and perfumey. Now I can’t get enough of it. This is a very grounded, grown up vanilla. If I were the signature scent type this may be it.

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