Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: a stunning English garden – crushed tomato leaf, flowering woodbine & wisteria, peony petals, oak and ivy leaf blend seamlessly

Released: Fools in Love Collection

2 thoughts on “Pemberley”

  1. This scent makes me think of ivy climbing an old stone wall. On me it’s slightly astringent ivy and clean oak with some purple soft wisteria and gentle peony. There is a certain vegetal quality from what I’m thinking is the tomato leaf, but it smells more like the vine and the tomato itself than the distinct leaf scent. It dries into a very sophisticated oak and ivy scent.

  2. This is my favorite tomato leaf scent of all time. Now that it’s fully rested, this has turned into the most amazing summer/herbal scent. Super strong longevity/throw, super bright and spicy and herbal, very heavy on the tomato leaf with a nice summer floral base to it.

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