Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: weathered leather, turbulent seawater, woodsmoke, oakwood, birch tar, a blood-stained shield

3 thoughts on “Northmen”

  1. This is a little bit salty, and there’s something here that comes off like skin musk. I also keep feeling like I smell some kind of incense? Definitely a little leather and wood as well. There’s the slight, almost coppery tang of a bloodlike note. But mostly I feel like this smells like relatively clean sweaty man, in a sort of appealing way.

  2. Holy leather, batman. This definitely does smell like salt, sweat, and blood, with a woody base. Very evocative- you definitely get that metallic tang and the salty sea spray, mixed with leather and worn wood.

  3. This one to me seems like the opposite pairing to Mischief Maker, but still brothers. It starts off salty and aquatic, but it is a warm scent, unlike Mischief Maker, which is a cold salty scent. It gets leathery and smokey with wear, the smoke never becomes overwhelming. At the end of the day I am left with a slightly salty sea water, mixed with the coppery metallic tang of blood. Where Mischief Maker is Loki, this one is Thor.

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