Zydeco Jingle Bell

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: exotic cypriol, sexy amber musk, sultry holiday spices, elegant woods

2 thoughts on “Zydeco Jingle Bell”

  1. This is a peppery sort of scent to me (I guess it’s the holiday spices.) There is a light, sparkly (almost fruity & almost animalistic) musk in the background. It’s a nice scent but I prefer a lot of other spicy Poesie scents to this one. The muskiness is interestingly complex.

  2. This is a strange scent. This is my first experience with cypriol, but I think it is the somewhat herbal top note of this scent. To me, it smells a bit like stale tobacco smoke that has settled onto someone’s clothes, but as it dries down that element fades and it becomes more pleasant to me. Underneath it is this beautiful, spicy amber musk that has an almost champagne/sparkly element to it, with a subtle backing of wood, which becomes more prominent throughout the day before fading after 6-7 hours. Not really for me, but interesting.

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