Orange Jumpsuit

Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

Comfortable. Iconic. Orange. The juice and rind of a navel orange drizzled in honey, heady jasmine flower, cozy sandalwood, dragon’s blood, cushy musk, snug marshmallow, and bittersweet cactus flower. Don’t worry, you only look a little stupid in that outfit.

NOTES – orange, orange zest, honey, jasmine, sandalwood, dragon’s blood, musk, marshmallow, cactus flower

Released: Portal Collection

1 thought on “Orange Jumpsuit”

  1. Weirdly good for tired days where I need to get stuff done. Fresh, orange-y goodness that doesn’t go “cleaning product” on me, balanced with warmth from the dragon’s blood, made soft and extra cozy by jasmine and marshmallow.

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