Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

Sate your corrupted infatuation with the strange and unknowable vastness of space – a supernova of spiced ginger, root beer, a puff of sweet marshmallow, and a wisp of pinewood smoke. Space space wanna go to space yes please space. Space space. Go to space.

NOTES – ginger, root beer, marshmallow, pine, smoke

Released: Portal Collection

1 thought on “Spaaaaace!”

  1. This is a really unique combination of notes. Offbeat and not terribly sweet. The strongest on me are the (very realistic) ginger and the pinewood smoke, followed by the herbaciousness of root beer. There’s something savory about the scent, I suppose because the touch of sweetness from the marshmallow is so barely there that it’s mostly lots of herbs and spice and smokiness. This is the most “masculine” of the scents IMO. It doesn’t quite work on my skin (but I dislike root beer and licorice type scents, so that’s probably why), but I can appreciate it. The pine smoke is really nice, but can read a bit like camp cooking fire (especially with the spices). On dry down this is actually very nice, delicious smoky pine resin and a touch of root beer (mercifully with less licorice/anise).

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