4 thoughts on “Eagle Hill Cemetery”

  1. Holy atmospherics Batman! Applied wet, this is a super green and spooky scent. It hovers somewhere between springtime and spooky-time… maybe, spring cemetery at midnight? I am getting lots of soil and stone, but it’s all covered in moss and ivy. It’s quite a wet-green scent on me (as opposed to, say SS Covered Bridge which is total dry moss). The bouquets note keeps this quite firmly floral, and after it dries down the POW THIS IS A GRAVEYARD scent chills out, and it becomes much more wearable!

    Verdict: It’s quiet and still, here on Eagle Hill, as the darkness does fall, we ghosts rise and call. Till midnight we wait, then slip through the gate, and gather the blooms from our graves and our tombs. We wish we could breathe the sweet scent of the leaves, of petals and loam, of loved ones at home. Alas we cannot – so we sit here and rot! We quietly wait, and stare at that gate, each night though we yearn – it’s to dust we return.

  2. I enjoy smelling atmospherics as a kind of olfactory experience. I love the way in which the more skillful perfumers can really transport you to a specific scene just using one of your senses. In that sense I appreciate atmospherics and I find them interesting, I enjoy the experience. I know that for many people it’s precisely this kind of perfume that draws them to indie, this is a scent you’ll never find in mainstream perfumery. On the other hand, I don’t really wear atmospherics as personal perfumes I kind of think of them as experiences rather than things I want to wear. From a technical perspective, this is really, really well executed. I DO feel like I’m in an ivy-covered mausoleum on a wet and cold autumn night with dead leaves underfoot, wet stones near an old creaking metal gate. This is exactly, precisely what the perfume smells like. It’s not something I would wear though I do enjoy smelling it and picturing the scene it conveys.

  3. Another thing PULP Fragrance excels at is green notes and if you want an earthy atmospheric here’s your blend. I get the photorealistic grass with dirt, flaking iron and I know it’s not listed but I swear I smell old fashioned lawnmower blade oil and gasoline. My beloved grandfather used to tend hallowed grounds whilst I tagged along and would play in the grass clumps and tried not to step on anyone’s face as I walked between the gravestones. Eagle Hill Cemetery smells like the real thing and continues to surprise me as it morphs in an hour to a realistic haunting floral bouquet of faded jasmine and lilies (and perhaps a stem of lilac as well?) I wasn’t expecting any of this and am quite impressed!

  4. Immediately, this smells like cold, wet stone and earth. As it dries it becomes a little greener — but a cool, dark green. It’s hugely evocative, reminding me of a chill autumn morning at a family friend’s cottage, walking down the rocky path toward the lake with everything shadowed dark and damp with dew. This is a great atmospheric that is also deeply not for me. I can absolutely appreciate the nuances of this one while simultaneously not wanting it on my skin. Sorry, scent — it’s not you, it’s me!

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