2 thoughts on “Haunted Hills”

  1. HELLO APPLE. Wow, if that isn’t the reddest, wettest apple upon wet application. I find most juicy apple scents smell like this one type of L’Oreal kids shampoo I had as a youngster. Haunted Hills opens with something similar, but the dry down brings out the caramel and spice quite nicely. This isn’t a dark apple scent, it remainds in the bright territory, but the other deeper notes (pepper, vetiver, etc) mean that it definitley isn’t L’Oreal kids shampoo either lol. After 10-15 mins, the BRIGHT redness of the apple has chilled out into a creamy, tart, baking apples with caramel and spices scent. It’s got a lil potpourri energy, but still feels more complex than that. Overall a classic, crisp, not-too-gourmand gourmand with a touch of spice to balance all that sweet, Autumnal goodness! 30 mins later and the apple really settles in with the caramel, this turns into a lovely, creamy sweet but not sickly cloud of coziness!

  2. Wow! This red apple note! I can’t express how hard it is to find red apple, most of the ingredients we would use to create an apple accord conspire to create green apples all of the time so it’s tough to find a really really good Red Apple note. This is like ripe RED McIntosh apples, juicy and fresh, very lifelike. I get a little bit of background caramel and black pepper and a little bit of cinnamon. I personally love this. It’s fresh and juicy. What you have to realize though, is that the star of this particular show really is the red apple… So if you’re hoping for something that shows all of the listed notes in equal proportions, I think you’ll find the star of the show is the red apple. Aside from this perfume though one thing I’m finding is that she is really great at balancing and finely blending various complex notes. It’s not better or worse to have the elements show up equally or to have one that shines more prominently it’s just a matter of personal preference. Personally I like this but if someone was looking for a perfume with stronger “darker” elements I think this wouldn’t fit the bill because it’s so juicy and fresh but I find it to be fun and it contains a very natural apple note.

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