3 thoughts on “House on Widows Hill”

  1. Smelled whilst wet, this is all leather and smoke, however it feels quite aristocratic and there’s something lovely and warm which does, indeed, evoke sitting in a plush velvet chair in front of the mahogany fireplace puffing on a cigar. As it dries, the sweeter notes of incense come out and make this a lovely, androgynous scent. I tried this out on my bf and he smelled lovely in it too! It’s a nice, dry, woody, atmospheric. I do also get a touch of brandy, something sweet and a little sharp. A very well rounded, evocative scent!

  2. YUM. This smells like a really delicious study with dried fruits and brandy, woods and spice, antique leather-bound books and a nice toasty fire. I wish I could make my partner wear this. I am going to have to wear instead because he won’t wear scent, not really. I like this a lot, it’s really well done.

  3. Another atmospheric but for those looking for a good libatious twist and wanting to feel a bit like masters of the universe. You want a good brandy note, here it is and as you lose yourself in the oaky finish the promised dusty thick carpets, incense and ashes from the hearth hit the nose. Curiously a dark plum note also materializes in the long dry down that immediately makes me think of my english grandmother’s kitchen during the colder months. Another keeper and one for my “to be worn when reading or watching specific historical films” corner of my collection.

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