7 thoughts on “Portrait of Josette”

  1. I don’t really know how to describe this other than that it is CLASSY. If you want to smell like the kind of elegant person who always has their shit together that people call a LADY who always wears heels and has their nails and hair done perfectly this is for you. My future MIL LOVED it. Reviewer who said it feels like you have to dress up to wear this is absolutely right.

  2. Fancy Edwardian ghost lady perfume. This is such an elegant and pretty scent that sometimes I don’t wear it because I feel like I have to dress up to match it. I see this as the ghost of an aristocrat who passed away peacefully by the seashore wearing one of those elaborate Edwardian white lace dresses. The touch of salt stops it from being too floaty and sweet. Love!

  3. I am pretty sure this is what Rose Dawson smells like, afterr the Titanic sunk and she went to go learn how to ride a horse and spit proper. This is a super classy, elegant scent but has this wildness around the edge. This smells like a wealthy heiress who scoffs and the life of an aristocrat and instead moves into a cottage by the sea and grows wildflowers in her garden.

  4. I am somewhat of a vanilla indie scent enthusiast. “Weird”, uncanny, spooky scents are not my cup of tea at all. Portrait of Josette is nothing like that, and was an instant hit for me. It is warm, cozy, familiar yet unhackneyed, comfy. Totally inoffensive so that I would wear it even to a conservative place like and old school office, courtroom or judgmental in-laws’ house. In fact, I can easily see myself gifting a bottle of this perfume to my mom, whose taste in perfumes is very traditional, and my love for strong gourmand scents is the bane of her existence. I smell a lightly sweet powder, a touch of woodiness and warmth, with no single component overpowering the other. Instead, the elements of the perfume work together, forming a lovely whole scent.

  5. Portrait of Josette is the warm memories of time at the seaside, but without being an atmospheric- a misty salted vanilla cream vibe opens and then morphs into an airy dreamscape. I didn’t get a strong Jasmine note; I got the feeling of a flashback to a better time- a better season in ones life. It’s absolutely beautiful and long lasting!

  6. H MAN! I LOVE THIS! This is a surprise standout for me and I would say it’s definitely a really good year-round perfume. It would be really beautiful in the warm weather as well. It’s just SO pretty. White Amber with a little something extra that makes it a sort of lightly sweet white amber… OOB I perceive a very light ethereal jasmine but my skin amps the jasmine a little bit and as it warms on the skin it really blooms… Overall this really works well with my skin and it smells lovely. I would describe it as a clean jasmine and I do usually like jasmines with a little raunchiness but this is a nice clean jasmine (which I believe most people prefer). It seems deceptively simple but in a very “less is more” kind of way. There’s a really subtle but delicious sort of vanillic musk happening here that makes me want to eat my arm. It’s a cool musk because it lends an ALMOST gourmand facet to the perfume without actually having any gourmand elements. There’s an almost edible quality to it but it’s not a desert or anything recognizably food-like. I now own not one but two full sizes of this – one to keep in my nightstand and one to keep in my purse.

  7. This was my inaugural dip into this house of fragrance and I was taken on quite the scent journey as Portrait of Josette opens on the skin with a nifty “flickering” effect of the orris, salt and dry wood and white floral that first disappears faintly then reappears with a strikingly beautiful quality that lasts the entire night and lingers into the morning hours. It brings to mind an expensive European perfume worn by the bygone elite and forlorn ghosts of lost eras of elegance staring out in the depths of the rolling sea. Brava, is all I can say!

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