3 thoughts on “Sonnet X”

  1. I’m typically someone who prefers gourmands, so it was a surprise that I love this. I’m not sure what to categorize this as, maybe “skin scent” x library book scent. And there’s a hint of creamy-ness in the background to pull everything together (not in a gourmand way, which is refreshing). Amazing on its own, but also for layering.

    I think if you like these perfumes, you will like Sonnet X: Diptyque Eau Duelle, Glossier You

  2. Smells like if paper was slightly vanilla scented. The vanilla isn’t edible, but it gives off nostalgic vibes (of good memories) instead. It’s so subtle yet pretty. Would love this as an eau de parfum.

  3. Sonnet X is the huge novel in the movie The Nevending Story- the pages, the aged vanillin dust that rises up when you take a deep breath while reading- but instead of being in a dusty attic, the book has landed on some freshly picked wildflowers. This is not a green scent- but the slight aromatic snowdrop adds a third dimension to these pages that transports your mind. Absolute stunner!

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