2 thoughts on “Women in Dresses Running From Houses 2020”

  1. Shockingly not too sweet, too floral, or too patchouli-y. When I close my eyes and inhale my first thought is, oddly… pie crust and something sweet? The anise is delightful and subtle in this and damn it is so well blended. Something in this is a bit spicy on my skin too? Is that… the bonfire maybe? Is bonfire and marshmallow mixing to give me hot pie crust in the garden vibes? I don’t know. But I am really enjoying this! I honestly didn’t think I would be that interested in this one (I find marshmallow scents tend to be pretty flat) but this is a delightful, delicious, and surprisingly complex scent.

    Verdict: There is something hot and sweet and spicy happening. Not sure if it’s the frightened looking woman running from the house, or if my marshmallow is on fire….but either way I’m into it?

  2. Ha! A Great Name! I do get a firewood effect underlaid creamy anisitic marshmallow. The sort of very sheer slightly almondy meets floralness quality of heliotrope is there as is the patchouli. This is interesting and not quite as sweet as one might think because the smokiness/firewood and/or patchouli are always very good at grounding sweetness and all of the elements are fairly equally balanced here… I quite like it as it is and it’s very tastefully done but since I am a marshmallow fiend I always want MOAR marshmallow. So I tried it layered with my favourite marshmallow single note and added some Kyse Delizia Di Marshmallow to it and BAM! Amazing! I think that playing with layering different fragrances is really great if you want to tailor your scent to you personal preferences. Not everything works well together and sometimes (in layering and perfumery) the ingredients react with one another in crumby ways but this layering combo works nicely.

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