Canus Lupus Arctos

Brand: Salmonberry Origins

Scent Description:

The Aroma: The smell of Canus Lupus Arctos (The Arctic Wolf) is very unique and complex. You can smell the wind and winter on their long guard hairs, hairs that are meant to shed the snow and ice. Below that is a surprising hot and spicy note, something speaking of the scent communication between the pack members. The most dense hairs next to the skin hold the darker musks, but they are fainter than you would expect….This scent reminds me of being carried on my mothers back, tucked in her parka, the wolf ruff tickling my face.

In our language we call the arctic wolf: Amaġuq

If you enjoy the combination of ozone, leather, and spice notes then you might enjoy Canus Lupus Arctos. This scent memory is a spicy scent that can be worn by men or women.

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