Black Annis

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Absinthe, black honey (vegan), raw sugar, balsam, labdanum, crushed fern.

Released: Halloween 2015

1 thought on “Black Annis”

  1. That opening is SHARP. I thought the old sample vial I received in a swap had gone off. Mercifully it calms down fairly quickly and I smell a sugary absinthe with some faint woody notes. The honey is there but it’s fairly tame, not the knockout honey from some of her other honey-oriented scents. The true star of this fragrance is the fern, which when paired with the absinthe makes for a surprisingly fresh blend. The fern truly smells as if it’s been trampled on, and I can picture this working well for a hike on a brisk, cool spring morning.

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