(Every Day is) Halloween

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description:  An overflowing candy pail, the crunch of leather boots on fallen leaves, cold stones, damp air and a wisp of bonfire smoke.

Released: Fall 2015

6 thoughts on “(Every Day is) Halloween”

  1. This does smell like Tootsie rolls and atmospheric dirt. If you were walking along on a foggy, damp fall night and dropped your Tootsie rolls in the grass as you ran away from something… this is what you’d smell.

  2. It’s like Halloween night in a bottle. There have been many perfume interpretations of Halloween night, but this one is such a perfect atmospheric and it makes my heart happy! It’s a plastic pail full of chocolate candies as you stomp in your big black stompy leather boots along wet leaf-strewn cobblestone in a light drizzle on a cold Halloween night. This reminds me of many happy Halloweens as a teenager and always gives me a spark of that Halloween excitement.

  3. Tootsie rolls. It’s the only scent I get out of this. In the bottle there’s a little bit of smoke and earth, but on skin it’s only artificial cocoa and candy.

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