I Made My Family Disappear…

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: French toast, dark coffee, flannel pajamas, marshmallow, frost, shattered ornaments, I hope we didn’t forget anything…

Released: Holiday 2017

7 thoughts on “I Made My Family Disappear…”

  1. This was all about the maple-drizzled french toast and dark coffee on me. The french toast is the star for the longest time, but it ends up being stronger on the coffee and backed by the french toast after several hours of wear. This was the strongest sixteen92 scent I’ve tried.

  2. The coffee and french toast are most prominent, and it smells just like a warm breakfast! I’m not usually a coffee person, but this has a different sweetness and quality to it that I can tolerate. I like it.

  3. Just the coziest combination of fresh out of the dryer flannel, buttery syrupy french toast, fresh coffee with a dollop of marshmallow, and a cold underlying edge from the frost and ornaments. This scent is like a fantasy Christmas morning embodied, all it lacks it the Christmas tree scent but I love it just the way it is and wouldn’t want to add anything else.

  4. This is just straight up maple french toast–it is a very literal gourmand that smells more like the scent you’d find in a fancy/expensive Christmas candle or air freshener, rather than a perfume. It’s not my personal style for perfume, but I would love it in a wax melt or candle come christmas time. And if you’re a gourmand lover, particularly a Christmas/Fall gourmand, this will be heaven for you

  5. Pure gourmand, opens with the French toast & a hefty dose of maple syrup which stick around throughout most of its wear The coffe is strong & nice, marshmallow coming in later. Nothing giving me a smashed ornament & flannel pajamas vibe but love the idea they’re in there. Great name & happy with two nice big samples.

  6. This is my new favourite scent. The maple syrup and dark coffee combination is positively scrumptious. The frost keeps this from being a warm scent to one with cold winter air. I bought it mostly for the name but wore it for a week straight because it is amazing.

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