Merry & Bright

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: A plate of freshly-baked frosted sugar cookies set out on Christmas Eve night, dusted with snowy powdered sugar; roasted chestnuts drizzled with caramel; mini marshmallows toasted by the fire; twinkling lights and stuffed stockings.

Released: Limited Edition Holiday 2015

3 thoughts on “Merry & Bright”

  1. This is all sugar cookies, toasty marshmallows, and I’d say more hazelnut than chestnut on me. Maybe that’s the caramel sweetening up the chestnut? Reminds me a bit of coffee creamer in a good way. It also manages to smell clean and fresh even though those are not the notes I would think lean that way. I like it a lot. I’m glad I got it in a swap because it’s not one I would have blind bought from the description.

  2. Strong sugar cookie that smells a bit burnt and overwhelming on top of rich nutty caramel. It’s pretty simple and unfortunately disagrees with my skin chemistry as hard as possible.

  3. For an hour and a half, this was fresh sugar cookies and small marshmallows. Now, it’s all but gone and has faded to very faint powdered sugar and caramel that have been sitting out awhile. Feelings are no longer merry nor bright.

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