Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Surf & shoreline, driftwood, dried coconut shell, pistachio, sweet sea grasses, and salt.

Released: Summer 2017

10 thoughts on “Nereids”

  1. I wish this scent was still available. I got a dram of this in a swap and it’s what got me into Sixteen92. Such a perfect summer scent

  2. Sadly I dont get any beachy vibes from this. Very pistachio, very creamy, subtle hint of coconut husk. Lasts all day though so if you’re into it that’s nice.

  3. The beachy atmospheric vibe is really nice, but unfortunately I really don’t like the pistachio note. Takes it way too far into gourmand territory for me. This vanished quickly on my skin as well – like, within minutes. I will say it’s one of the least soapy aquatics I’ve tried, which is something a lot of folks look for.

  4. This smells like eating pistachio icecream while walking along the Oregon coast, looking at the tidepools on an overcast, slightly windy day. I can still smell some coconut, which is wizardry, since my skin has eaten every other cococut smell ever within minutes.

  5. SO GOOD. This is a warm summer afternoon with wafts of your ice-cream cone coming up in the wind. My favorite “beachy” scent.

  6. Nereids smells like a drive in movie theatre to me.I get salty buttery popcorn, worn in leather seats, sunscreen, and warm night air. To me, Nereids is the drive in during July when it is unbelievably humid

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