Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Toasted vanilla bean, espresso, sweet myrrh, roasted pecan, honeyed wheat, citrus zest.

Released: Winter 2017

7 thoughts on “Psychokinesis”

  1. Artisan espresso at a fancy as hell coffee shop. Seriously, the combination of the honeyed wheat, zest, and pecan with espresso makes for such an addictive scent combo, it smells like an exceptional flavored roast of coffee, while the vanilla and myrrh come in to make things fuzzier and sweeter.

  2. I love the espresso & vanilla opening , the pecans & enjoying the oddness of the whole thing with the balance of the sweetness with the myrrh No wheat coming through for me which I’m happy about. Like this one a lot.

  3. This starts out like a cup of espresso sweetened with vanilla and pecan creamer. After some wear it goes a little soapy, but with a citrus twist. This lasts an hour or so and then the roasted pecan scent comes back and blends with the citrus, with a wheaty smell in the background.

  4. In the bottle- burnt sugar and coffee. Sharp and strong. Wet on skin- coffee and vanilla comes through, less sharp. More sugary vanilla. Super gourmand. I want to eat it. Dry- the myrrh comes out a bit more, making it more interesting and mature. After about 2 hours, it dries down even more and turns kind of powdery on me. It didn’t last very long.

  5. It smells strongly of black coffee, along with a wheat note (which is bitter & somewhat reminiscent of beer). The citrus is there making it even more bitter (and I think this is the first time S92 citrus has not gone bad on me). I am considering a full size, since I have such trouble finding coffee scents without cream or sugar, or almond.

    I guess in brief I would describe it as bitter but smooth, like actual black coffee.

    And I love the name… when I first saw it I got flashbacks the the anime Ghost Hunt, with Naru saying “PK” in Japanese all the time.

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