Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Vanilla, soft musk, moss, fern, and stone.

Released: Hello Waffle Visage February 2015 Exclusive

2 thoughts on “Talia”

  1. Talia is one of my favorite outdoors scents. The moss, fern, and stone are the most prominent notes to me, but the vanilla and soft musk make this slightly sweet and feminine. Longevity is a little on the short side (5-6 hours) in the oil format.

  2. Talia is Paper Moon’s more mellow and reserved sister. They both have a distinctive vanilla and white musk that ties them together, but Talia is creamier and not as sweet as Paper Moon. The star of Talia is the moss and fern, which are pillowed by a bed of creamy vanilla and given a lift by the musk. I’d still consider it a sweet scent, but because it doesn’t have the peach and rose notes, it’s not candy-sweet like Paper Moon. Ultimately, I love both scents and often wear either one individually or a mix of the two, depending on my mood. Like Paper Moon, Talia has low sillage and lasts forever on my skin (7+ hours).

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