The Grass Harp

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Orange blossom, clover, hyacinth, ruby red grapefruit, sweet basil.

Released: Spring 2015

5 thoughts on “The Grass Harp”

  1. Something about this went really weird on me. It smells like baby-powder florals and something yeast-y. It does mellow out a bit as it dries and I can pick up some of the green grapefruit alongside the yeast smell but overall just not great on my skin chem unfortunately.

  2. Love it, bright and zippy, love the hyacinth and the green elements especially, Strong throw too. Very happy and spring like.

  3. This is incredibly floral, like a realistic version of old lady floral perfume. There is a greenness to it but also a fruitiness from the grapefruit.

  4. Sharp and grassy, with a hefty dose of basil. The blossoms are fresh and new, green and springy. After several hours, this is green basil and tart, underripe grapefruit.

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