Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

The Cellar of the Manor is constructed of stone and wooden beams. It houses orchard fruits, wooden casks of estate wine and stores of broom corn. The Cellar fragrance contains notes of oakmoss absolute, aged patchouli EO, Virginia cedarwood EO, cool stone, red apple, Bartlett pear, sweet clover absolute, hay absolute and guaiacwood.

On initial application, Cellar has a very cool, wet stone and Earth fragrance combined with a burst of red apple and fresh cut pear. The hay and sweet clover rise shortly thereafter and lend an overall dryness that tempers the sweetness of the fruit notes. The dry down is an autumnal dirty/Earthy apple scent, devoid of spice notes, that has a bit of warmth and dryness. The cool stone element is a top note that dissipates shortly after application. When first applied, this element of the fragrance is like a burst of coolness from when you first descend into the cellar, which fades as you become accustomed to the air and aware of the other scents in the room. The wood and patchouli notes add a grounding earthiness that serves to deepen the other notes in the blend without becoming a predominant patchouli fragrance. Unisex and atmospheric.

Released: Manor Collection

8 thoughts on “Cellar”

  1. Starts with crisp, realistic apple and grows more sweet and earthy. After a bit it reminds me of apple gummy candy- not to say it’s artificial, it’s just… chewier, heavier, wetter? I think its from how the dampness and earthiness of the atmospheric cellar notes comes out.

  2. The apple is so realistic, but combined with all of the rich, realistic damp earth, cold wet stone, damp wooden barrels, extra ripe pear and a hay-like note from the broom corn I am just in atmospheric heaven. It really does smell like a cold cellar full of apples reserved for cider processing in the middle of autumn.

  3. One of my favourites. Pears and damp wood and moss and stone and apple in the background. I love this, it’s very atmospheric and reminds me of a clean but old cellar. It also reminds me of Pear Jelly Bellies.

  4. Reading the other reviews, maybe I should have given this one a chance, but for the few weeks I had a sample it read as 100% realistic mushy old apples stored in a damp stone cellar…. which by itself is a wonderful smell memory, I just couldn’t imagine smelling like that out in a city 🙂

  5. I had a sample of Cellar that apparently impressed me enough to buy a full size. After letting the full size sit for about a month, I tested it out and found it to be a very “meh” scent and wasn’t sure why I’d purchased it. I put it in my destash pile. Last night I decided to test it out again just to be sure I wanted to get rid of it. And WOW, it is a different scent after sitting for a few months. It opens with a burst of delicious, realistic smelling apples and tries down to a cool, sweet apple scent with a bit of earth grounding it (no pun intended). It morphed over time into a beautiful autumnal scent that doesn’t rely on heaviness or spice.

  6. Smells like green apples and pears that are surrounded by freshly turned dirt, no candied sweetness here. Definitely atmospheric and beautiful.

  7. Smells like old, freshly turned over dirt and soggy moss. *After trying it on it smelled more like green apple skin and cool peaches on a bed of moss with some dirt thrown in there. The dirt and moss still clung to my skin, which I didn’t much care for.

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