Covered Bridge

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Bell’s covered bridge is the main conduit for crossing the North River in Foxcroft. The view of town, the rushing river water and the towering peak of Mt. Willow are inspiring sights from either side of the bridge. This fragrance celebrates the dry wood notes which represent the bridge itself, fresh Northern air and mossy green notes and is a must for lovers of woodsy outdoors blends. Sixteen premium fragrance and essential oils bring the Bell’s covered bridge to life. Wood notes comprised of Virginia Cedarwood EO, Alaskan Cypress Wood EO, Blue Cypress EO and sandalwood meet earthy notes of patchouli, vetiver and musk. A cool blend of oakmoss, dirt, fir absolute and fern envelopes the dry wood notes and pairs well with a blend of sweet fall air, hay and wood smoke elements. Covered Bridge is a very smooth and evocative woodsy blend. Fans of Crumbling Crypt and Wail of the Banshee may also enjoy Covered Bridge as it shares a few similar notes.

Released: The Foxcroft Collection

5 thoughts on “Covered Bridge”

  1. For me, it’s lots of, as SeveralGhosts said, deciduous woods. The sandalwood sweetens it a tiny bit and just sort of rounds it out beautifully. After a short period of time, the smoke comes out and wafts around, like a distant campfire. It’s a gorgeous, true “outdoors” scent.

  2. I can’t for the life of me decide if I like this scent. It seems to be very light on me compared to most other Solstice Scents perfumes. I may actually be anosmic to part of it. It smells like nature and woods but quite subtly. The scent description says it’s smooth and that is accurate. I guess I’m not used to atmospherics being so calm.

  3. This was dead leaves, fir, cedar, damp soil, and a LOT of musky smoke. Unfortunately, the smoke note amped and went acrid on me, eclipsing the damp forest blend, but I think you might enjoy this if you like realistic atmospherics and your skin can cope with smoke. I did think that the earthy notes were more prominent than I expected – almost has the smell of trudging through an autumn forest and smelling the mineral mud and leaves, not just the smell of the vegetation and canopy. Moderate throw, 6+ hr longevity.

  4. Wet dirt, wet greenery, a little bit of smoke. It’s very much so a deciduous forest scent for either fall or the cold beginnings of spring. It’s almost a little musky, probably from the moss?

  5. Smells sort of wet. Some smoke. Lots of wood and dirt. Green from moss and fir. Has a ‘green’ smell to it, like the bitter smell of a fresh cut twig.

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