Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

If you’ve ever wished to literally bathe in the essence of a late-afternoon Autumn day, Foxcroft is for you. An incredible blend of wet decaying leaves, rich black soil, dry rustling leaves, fall air, woods and chimney smoke, Foxcroft is at once cool air coupled with firey red, orange and golden leaves, a sweet sharp green note, fertile wet dirt and a touch of woods laced with the intoxicating smoke from fireplaces burning throughout the countryside.

Foxcroft is very potent upon cold sniff and initial application! At the beginning, it smells of very wet decaying leaves but on the skin it will evolve into a softer and more wearable scent with dry leaves and the soft smoke and wood notes coming out. Please make sure to skin test this one for the full true experience!

Foxcroft was inspired by a beautiful quaint small town in Maine.

Released: Fall Collection

9 thoughts on “Foxcroft”

  1. Perfect fall scent of realistic dead leaves and dirt, and cool fall air and some smoke, it’s perfect, a masterpiece

  2. This scent just amazes me…so realistic! I didn’t expect that I’d like this one at all but I love this perfume oil. A very atmospheric scent. I can smell both the leaves and the dirt notes along with some kind of camphor or mentholated note which somehow ties it all together. Once that mentholated note mellows out I get a whiff of something green and almost pine like. At this point the smoke notes come to the forefront along with a sweet background note that smells like maple or brown sugar. It’s very slight but adds a sweetness to the smoke note. Other indie brands dirt notes have given off a smell akin to mildew but not this. This is truly fall in a bottle. I really appreciate that this isn’t one of those typical run of the mill fall scents that reek of pumpkins, apples or cinnamon. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those scents but I feel like they’ve been done to death. It’s a real letdown to me when fall scents just end up smelling like some generic candle or cheap room spray. This has so much character. For me, this one evokes childhood memories of playing in the woods on a cool Autumn day. I’m currently on a No Buy but I’ll definitely be purchasing a FS bottle next fall.

  3. I knew the second I smelled this that I was going to love it. Crisp leaves, rich soil, something a little sweet, and just a hint of smoke. This, to me, really is the scent of autumn, at least up here in western Canada. It reminds me of how our local pumpkin patch smells.

  4. This just screams autumn forest to me, but it’s not a dark or mysterious scent like many autumn woods scents are, it’s very vibrant and invigorating. It really invokes the “change” aspect of autumn and it’s so rich with leaves and dirt and fresh cool air and moving woods with threads of chimney smoke drifting through.

  5. I made a mistake of expecting this to smell realistic. Yes the leaves and autumn air are there, but it’s still very perfume-y. I loved putting a little bit of the oil on my coat, somehow I enjoyed it more on clothes than on my skin. It’s still a wonderful perfume and I would recommend it to anyone.

  6. The opening is wet, decaying, green leaves. On the drydown I get the crunchy-dry leaves and the hint of smoke.

  7. Like being wrapped in a cloud of autumn. The main notes I detect are dry, brittle leaves, soil, and bark. I don’t get much smoke. Very atmospheric and lovely. More of a skin scent on me, so I tend to layer it with the Foxcroft Glace.

  8. Foxcroft is true fallen leaves and dirt on me. I love it. I don’t find I like to wear it in hot weather but it is nice during fall and winter. You can almost feel the crunchiness of the leaves. I am still working on my sample because this scent is strong and only takes a dab.

  9. Wet, day old grass clippings and a crisp day. Dirt. Spilled it on me while opening it. Turned sort of soapy after sitting on my skin.

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