Gibbon’s Boarding School

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Gibbon’s Boarding School is the scent of a refined institution of higher learning. Feel the crunch of scattered dried leaves underneath your feet before crossing the threshold. Inhale whiffs of embers smouldering in the fireplace at the entryway, begging to be stoked and tended. Walk down well-traversed hallways and trace your fingers along extensive woodwork over a century old before coming to a pause before the grand library which contains many original works from when the school first opened. Vacant leather chairs await tenants at strategically placed tables lit by green glass banker’s lamps. Breathe in the faint scent of autumn air permeating throughout the building from open classroom windows. Dappled sunlight illuminates crisp paper sitting atop dusty wooden desks. A pencil case contains a carefully sealed tobacco pouch hidden within. Steal away to the boiler room during lunch for a secret smoke.

Thirty-two notes were selected to evoke the atmosphere of the sprawling brick school. Gibbon’s is composed of a variety of woods, leathers, smoke notes, light spices, ambers and vanillas with tobacco, dirt, leaves, black musk, frankincense, moss and hint of apple.

Released: Foxcroft’s Autumn Festival

7 thoughts on “Gibbon’s Boarding School”

  1. This is Gryffindoor’s common room in autumn to a T. This is such a complex atmospheric. Nothing is too much. Not too smoky, too dusty, too leathery. Just a blend of goodness. I don’t really detect apple and the tobacco is faint on me.

  2. Suuuper dusty. The paper, tobacco, woods, and leather are definitely there, with a tiny bit of apple in the background. Very bookish and atmospheric.

  3. This scent reminds me of what an old pioneer school would smell like- with wooden desks, I know that leather is suppose to be in there along with tobacco too- but I get more of a very mild soapy smell from the combination.

    Wooden desks, a hint of soapy(leather/tobacco)-apple and dust in the background would be my way of describing it. The perfume is unique so it’s definitely worth trying. I feel like this one for sure leans masculine. The perfume is overall very strong and lasts a long time.

  4. I didn’t get any apple out of this at all, which is great, because it’s aaalll dusty, woody, ambery, leathery goodness. It smells exactly like the description- like Hogwarts in autumn. It’s definitely unisex and a very lovely cool-weather scent.

  5. I love SS but Gibbon’s Boarding School is one of the few scents that was reminiscent of a Yankee candle on me. The apple note was really artificial and jarring. After a years aging the scent’s much more balanced, ambery, woody, smoky and sweet but it’s not up to par with my favourite SS scents, especially the resin and wood based ones which are what I like about this house the best!

  6. L-e-a-t-h-e-r-! There’s a whisper of cold air, smoke, and a gorgeous woody vanilla, but it’s almost entirely dominated by leather and sweet tobacco. My friend loves it and gets a much more balanced perfume, but for me it’s sweet brown leather and sweet tobacco all the way.

  7. Gibbon’s Boarding School is a bit more of a dusty, soft leather and wood smell. There is a hint of smoke, but it’s not strong (not anything like Smokewood Apiary or anything). It really feels like a room in an old house with leather chairs and a fireplace. I think there is a bit of a tobacco scent (a sort of herbal tobacco, sweet and nothing like cigarettes, more like a cigar box). I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, but this scent has none of that.

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