Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Autumn at the Manor features a bustling kitchen alive with the sweet scents of fresh baked seasonal treats. Large windows bathe the kitchen and its vast array of copper and cast iron cookery with light. A basket of fresh-picked orchard fruits sits near the scullery, awaiting a quick rinse before being sliced for rich lattice-topped pies. Warm sugar-dusted sweets, pumpkin, flaky pastries filled with peach preserves, sugar cookies, caramel and vanilla combine with a touch of hay absolute, all embraced by a generous dose of sweet wood smoke to bring you the Manor’s fall kitchen experience.

Kitchen is opens with a burst of sweet pumpkin followed by very gentle baking spices on initial application. Juicy peach and a hint of frosting quickly follow with a warm buttery pastry and soft sugar cookies underneath. The wood smoke is generous but doesn’t begin to emerge for about 15 to 20 minutes after application. It does get stronger as it warms on your skin and the fragrance begins to waft softly around you with the sweet wood smoke, baking spices and mouth-watering baked goods. Kitchen is warm and comforting, morphs wonderfully and the dry down is the essence of autumn.

Released: Manor Collection

8 thoughts on “Kitchen”

  1. Creamy pumpkin & vanilla. Whiffs of peach. Reminds me of my favorite tea.. country peach with a tinge of masala. I don’t particularly find it too ‘fall candle’ but I would definitely layer with more smoke or maybe a vanilla incense blend.. like incantation vanille f/ Alks.

  2. This opens as a nicely-spiced pumpkin cake in a kitchen full of goods just brought home from a farmstand. I can smell orchard fruit (it reads particularly apple-like to me) in the throw but not on my skin. After 30 minutes or so there’s a strong sugar cookie note that joins the cake. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get any woodsmoke or peach, but such is the way with perfumes and skin chemistry. I tried this in both EdP and Glace, and noticed the Glace had a slightly stronger dusty cinnamon note in it. My skin’s cool with it but it’s worth mentioning I think.

  3. This is nice! Pretty basic, doesn’t last super long. It was a really nice sweet scent, very foody. A little bit of spice too, which was nice. Wouldn’t repurchase just because of the relatively basic smell and no lasting power, but I wish it worked.

  4. Pretty strong foodie candle scent, It gets better the longer it’s on.. I swear I could smell creamy eggs and dough at one point. My dog loved this one the most when I was smelling all of my samples so I bought F and don’t regret it.

  5. Spiced peaches and baked goods. Has a wonderful creamy vanilla that, coupled with a dash of ginger and a bit of cream cheese, keeps this scent from pulling entirely “fall candle”, though it still pulls pretty far that way. It smells really edible, very gourmand.

  6. Warm spiced pumpkin cakes topped with a crumble of brown sugar, cinnamon, and maybe even a small dash of ginger served with creamy cheese danishes. Pumpkin and spice more dominant on the skin. Like I’m walking on a bridge of cinnamon sticks to a glorious pumpkin cake topped with not too sweet frosting. Yes.

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