Lavender Vanilla

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

This perfume takes the wonderful calming fragrance of Lavender Essential Oil and a touch of Lavender absolute and pairs it with sweet creamy vanilla and smooth French Vanilla for the Solstice Scents’ take on this ever popular combination. A relaxing and smooth blend for those who like their Lavender Essential Oil tempered by a sweet partner. The lavender essential oil starts out powerfully, then descends into the background as the creamy vanilla emerges. After some time on the skin, the vanilla takes center stage as the primary and lasting note, enhanced by a ghostly memory of lavender.

6 thoughts on “Lavender Vanilla”

  1. This is the only perfume from Solstice Scents I went back to buy full sized roller. After wearing the roller ball over a good amount of time, I’m wondering if I should buy the EDP. It might just be my skin chemistry, but on me it’s more of a fresh, fruity, minty lavender marshmallow with a vanilla dry down. I do like it, but it’s not really lavender and vanilla only. It’s one of the best simple lavender perfumes I know of on the market right now, but just want to add that I and others smell marshmallow too, even my children.

  2. This is a pretty herbal lavender with a soft creamy vanilla underneath. I really love this! It has a decent lasting power. Super relaxing and soft.

  3. Heavy herbal Lavender on application, the lavender almost completely disappears leaving just a (dirty-ish?) light vanilla scent. I feel like this actually leans masculine once the lavender dissipates. It reminds me of a dirtier version of Solstice Scents “Manor”. The lavender isn’t a long lasting note and the vanilla isn’t very strong either. I would not recommend this one at all as there is nothing special about it.

  4. One of the few SS scents I hate. The vanilla isn’t the same one that you’d expect from scents like Manor – it’s a lighter more plastic vanilla. Combined with the over-strong lavender, it smells unpleasantly like urinal cakes to me.

  5. This scent starts out very lavender strong, an herbal lavender smell, with the vanilla hiding in the background. After a while, the lavender begins to fade into this woodier version of itself while the vanilla becomes more prominent. The vanilla smells like someone scraped fresh vanilla bean pods. It’s creamy and smooth without being cloying or sugary. Eventually, the vanilla takes the stage with the faintest hint of lavender in the background. Very true to the description. It’s a gorgeous and perfect pairing.

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