Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Library embodies the character of the exquisite library of the Manor. Ample wood shelving displaying countless works, primarily bound in leather, is found on all four walls of the library. A fireplace on the west wall features an intricately carved rosewood mantle and heavy dark wood wainscoting adorns the walls beneath the book-laden shelves. Dying embers impart a soft smokiness in the room and the scent of aged paper and a worn brown leather armchair melds with the rich leather and wood notes.

Library begins as a robust woods and leather (brown and black) scent with strong smoky overtones on initial application. Allow it to morph and settle after a few minutes as it begins to soften into a realistic and complex fragrance that contains elements you’d expect to experience in the fine personal collection of the Manor. Library contains a blend of sandalwood, agarwood, nagarmotha, choya loban attar, guaiacwood, cedar, leather, copaiba, benzoin, rosewood, osmanthus attar and more. The dry down features a combination of woods, leather, embers, dust and brittle paper with a rich lemony-rosewood finish.

Released: Manor Collection

10 thoughts on “Library”

  1. True atmospheric. It screams ATMOSPHERIC. It says, “I AM NOT A PERFUME. I am the parfum d’ameublement.” But it’s more of a spatial experience. I was hoping for more of the cheap paperback books, rather than the plush library. Then again, it’s called Library…. The dry-down is a lot better than the initial application.

  2. A bucket (or several) of turpentine on fire. Even after over a year of aging, I mostly get turpentine and leather-cleaner rather than leather, wood, etc and the paper note smells like moldy paper instead of just aged paper. I work with books, and those are two very different smells.

  3. Lots of polished wood, leather, paper, a bit of a citrusy kick, and some spices. It was exactly what I was hoping for, and more.

  4. Reminds me exactly of all the things it’s suppose to smell like. Books, paper, wood, and a little bit of smoke in the background- I can imagine a Library when I wear this. It’s a pretty unique perfume and one of my favorites at this point. I would say it’s a unisex fragrance leaning masculine but definitely isn’t overly-so since I wear it all the time and don’t like very masculine scents on myself. I would recommend this one 100%.

  5. When I first got this it was all antique leather armchair in the face and I got that plasticky note too. After a year the smoke and wood notes got stronger and the leather mellower but the impression remains of an old gentleman’s club rather than a library. Didn’t get any paper notes in this at all. Well aged it’s nice but I prefer Attic.

  6. This smells like a relatively new book to me, I can smell the pages turning underneath my fingertips. I can smell wood in the background from antique bookshelves.

  7. I only get the smell of leather binding and old paper. I don’t get any of the woods or smoke, but that’s ok. It’s like sticking your nose into a really old book and I love that scent.

  8. This one took forever to age into something that wasn’t just LEATHER. Now it’s a wonderful blend of dry paper, rosewood+cedar, and leather. It pulls off its atmosphere well. I don’t get any embers, smoke, or sandalwood.

  9. This leather note is my jam! I was hesitant because other leather notes have not been my friends in the past. This library is old and well loved with dusty books, wooden furniture, and a mixture of rich old fashioned colognes.

  10. When I first smelled it I cringed and thought “smells like weird plastic…” Today I seem to be able to smell some wood, but still a lot of an odd smell that I can only seem to describe as plastic.

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