Maine Moon

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

It’s a crisp fall evening, the convertible top is down and you are parked at an ideal vantage point for tonight’s movie marathon. The scent of leaves, moss, dirt and wood smoke permeates the air. The leather seats are slightly cool against your skin. You have all the requisite supplies for getting down to some serious movie watching business: a large ice-cold root beer, a tub of warm buttery salted popcorn and a box of Milk Duds. The temperature of the evening is dropping rapidly and you decide to put the convertible top back up, effectively shutting out the scent of the night air. Fragrant sweet smoke becomes more prevalent as neighboring households opt to combat the chill by starting their hearth fires. The scent of root beer, chocolate covered caramels, wood smoke and popcorn swirls around you as suspend your belief for a few hours, completely transfixed by the large theater screen.

Suspend your belief with this unique and immersive scent. It’s like nothing you have ever smelled before. Maine Moon begins with a burst of crisp air, leaves, dirt and moss mixed with a heavy blast of root beer. The chocolate appears directly behind the root beer, followed by the scent of popcorn that wafts in and out for several minutes. This fragrance morphs quickly. Within a few minutes the initial blast of outdoor air and the birch-like scent of root beer mellow. The popcorn and caramel wait in the wings to make their debut, flitting in and out of range for the first ten minutes. The outdoors notes recede and make way for a brief appearance of a subtle worn leather note that is short lived but also ebbs and flows for a few minutes. The caramel, sweet wood smoke and popcorn become the dominant notes shortly thereafter and continuing on into the dry down. The root beer is tempered to a very subdued note that weaves in and out for about half an hour. The longer Maine Moon is on the skin, the warmer it becomes as the wood smoke, caramel and popcorn dominate. This fragrance hovers closer to the skin in the dry down but is tenacious. Maine Moon is best experienced outside when the weather is cool. The cool air really brings the notes out and highlights the sweet smoke note during the dry down. To really bring Maine Moon to life, try wearing it on an evening when you can open the window to allow the cool air in, settle down on the couch with the aforementioned concessions, queue up a new or favorite movie, apply Maine Moon and press play!

Released: The Foxcroft Collection

5 thoughts on “Maine Moon”

  1. This scent disappointed me. On my skin this was a sweet caramel corn (heavy on the caramel and super light on the popcorn) with a strange unidentifiable mentholated note that disappears after about thirty minutes. Once that menthol fades out I start to smell a bit of chocolate come through. Then once the chocolate fades out in an hour or so and I smell like warm maple syrup for the rest of the wear time. I really wish It would’ve smelled more like Angela’s description on me. Usually her scent descriptions are pretty dead on. I’m guessing it’s my skin chemistry. I was excited for the root beer to shine through in this but it was nowhere to be found. It surprised me seeing as I fell in love with Crimson Sap and Sassafras, which smelled of root beer on me. This one just makes me hungry for pancakes and the like. I’m not a fan of foodie scents that make me wanna eat, it’s a fine line for me and my nose.

  2. Popcorn and root beer are at the forefront, with leather, caramel, chocolate, dirt, and smoke hanging out in the background. Thematically, it reminds me of Foxcroft Fairgrounds a lot, even though they smell nothing alike. There’s a little bit of mint in there as well.

  3. It starts off with chocolate and popcorn and it’s sickeningly sweet. Then it fades down to just chocolate. I wish I had gotten the root beer note in this as well!

  4. I love this atmospheric scent. I get whiffs of leather seats, milk duds, popcorn, and cold night air. For me it starts out very chocolately and then it opens up to be finely layered. It lasts over 24 hours on me with minimal application.

  5. Smoky. Sort of an odd, strong leather smell that someone rubbed a root beer float on. On the skin the leather tones down and popcorn comes out, with a buttery sweetness in the background. Smells nice on the skin.

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