Maplewood Inn

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Maplewood Inn is a quaint historic bed and breakfast with views of the North River in Foxcroft. The Inn has 15 tastefully appointed rooms, a sunny dining room overlooking a private courtyard and a small but charming gift shop featuring special maple items such as locally tapped Grade A maple syrup and maple melt candies from Sycamore Sugarworks. As you enter the reception area, you smell the rich cedar construct mingling with sweet maple. This aroma is punctuated by wood smoke from the roaring brick fireplace which dominates the East wall in the cozy lounge. Relax by the fire in one of the overstuffed chairs and sip on a freshly brewed cup of frothy vanilla chai.

Notes of sweet maple syrup, cedar, Alaskan cypress wood, wood smoke and benzoin coupled with a subtle waft of vanilla chai and bridged together with a warm glowing amber. The chai accord is a special composition of ten fine fragrance and essential oils. It contains a blend of teas, frothed vanilla milk, fresh ginger EO, cardamom EO, clove EO and cinnamon. The dominant notes in Maplewood Inn are the maple, woods and sweet wood smoke. It is a sweeter blend but the wood notes and wood smoke temper the maple. The chai is very subtle yet its presence adds a comforting depth and subtle exotic spice that washes over the more prominent notes.

Released: The Foxcroft Collection

6 thoughts on “Maplewood Inn”

  1. It’s a crisp fall day in New England, and you’re browsing a small shop that sells candles and old books. The floors are the original hardwood and you notice they’re slightly dusty as they creak beneath your feet. The quiet shopkeeper is reading a book, and reminds you only once to let them know if you need help finding anything, in between sips of their sweet, spicy tea. You’re then left alone to browse at your leisure for the rest of the afternoon.

  2. I had high hopes, but ultimately this smells more like a cozy pancake house that, if you ask, will offer you a nip bottle of “maple syrup” that’s half maple, half corn syrup because they don’t anticipate customers to be familiar with the real stuff. The wood notes are lovely, the smoke is at a reasonable level (usually SS smoke notes are either nonexistant or overwhelming so I’m happy to find one that isn’t) and the chai is tasty, but I think living in New England has severely skewed my perception of maple syrup fragrances and it is unfortunately spoiling this one for me.

  3. Maplewood Inn is so much more complex now that I have let it rest for several months. At first it was a woody maple syrup, which I loved. But I heard people describing it as a bit masculine, which didn’t make sense. But I understand now. I’m getting a lot of the chai spice & a ton of the woods (which are awesome). The maple is definitely still here, sweetening and tying everything together.

  4. Sooooo much wood. A very dark maple (reminding me more of the kind of maple sap you get after charring it with wood chips) with chai spices. This one does not smell at all like Sycamore Chai to me – the spices show up way better in this blend. It’s a lot darker and almost smokier than you’d expect.

  5. I get no maple. Green wood with burning pitch. Undertones of spice. On the skin it warms up and smells like you’re laying on a freshly split woodpile, and the spice comes out a little more. Comforting.

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