Riverside Hayride

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

The Riverside Hayride is an annual nighttime outing that commences at full dark at Corvin’s Apple Orchard. Corvin takes participants on an adventure through Riverside Cemetery, which neighbors his orchard. The hayride winds through the cemetery then hugs the north river until just past the Maine Moon Drive-In whereupon the ride shifts to the left and continues past Oak Pond and Gunnerson’s Pumpkin Patch, finally culminating at the Gibbon’s Boarding School where the Bandstand Juniors are hosting a haunted house in the west wing of this formidable institution.

Riverside Hayride opens with a potent blend of moss, wet dirt, stone and fallen leaves. White carnations, bare branches and hay quickly follow. A very subtle trace of pressed apples carried on the breeze from Corvin’s apple orchard arrives after a few minutes of wear. As the blend settles on the skin, the strong earthy outdoors notes are tamed a bit, allowing for the white carnation, wood and hay notes to become more apparent. The apple top note disappears. A thin line of woodsmoke permeates the blend on the dry down. Riverside Hayride is a very literal earthy outdoors blend with dirty carnation and November wind. If you enjoy our heavier and more realistic green earthy scents, you may enjoy Riverside Hayride. Very atmospheric. Unisex.

Released: Foxcroft’s Autumn Festival

7 thoughts on “Riverside Hayride”

  1. This is like… pretty much 100% carnation on me. I guess I amp carnation. It started out earthy and more like what it’s SUPPOSED to smell like, but the instant it starts to dry down… carnations. Maybe some hay, but mostly carnation.

  2. Initially, it smells like someone dumped a load of hot apple cider onto some dirt, which is actually really lovely. It reminds me of the Halloween bonfire that my town does every year. The carnations and woods come out after about an hour and bring everything together really nicely.

  3. I LOVE this one. I get mostly apples, carnations and wet dirt on initial application. After a while it dries down to a reaalllly lovely atmospheric scent- the tart green apples pretty much disappear and I get a lot of what smells like cool air, hay bales, decaying leaves, woods and smoke. It’s an extremely realistic atmospheric, which is what I think Solstice Scents does best.

  4. Smells like Straight up dirty Beets to me.. I really dislike this one. I went through a juicing phase at one point and would juice beets.. This is exactly what is reminds me of.. my boyfriend agreed with me when I pointed it out. I tested random perfumes I had on some tissues and when I smelt this one I immediately scrunched my nose up and remembered what it was. It has real lasting power. I regret buying a FS and not trying a sample first, hopefully it will age and get better with time.

  5. A really green carnation scent with wet grass, strong apples, and a light tint of smoke in the distance. The greenery is STRONG and the apples are sour, not sweet. Very atmospheric.

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