Lovesick Lake

Brand: Stereoplasm

Scent Description: Bright pink and heartbreakingly optimistic; cotton candy served with thick strawberry cheesecake and sour lemon squares on a hot rainy day.

Released: Summer 2018

7 thoughts on “Lovesick Lake”

  1. Head over heels in love with this one. It reminds me of a lip gloss I used to have, bright pink and glittery and sweet.

  2. It immediately smells like equal amounts of sweet strawberry and sour lemon, plus a hint of rain and pastry in the background. It stays very linear but fades after just four or so hours.

  3. “At the bottom of a dark Scottish lake…”
    Yup. I smell the bottom of a dark Scottish lake! Mixed in, unexpectedly, are the sweet, flossy scents of lemons (a major scent love of mine!), berry smothered cheesecake (yup there is the slightest “tang” of cream cheese, and another favorite of mine, cotton candy. Really great summer scent. Reminds me of sitting by the lake in the UK in 1999 eating these lemon cream cookies and licking out the icing and leaving the cookie behind, while drinking strawberry lemonade (yes, this is all true). The spun sugar is the “candy” on the “cookie”.

  4. This is strawberry cotton candy with a sweet dirt edge, even though there is no dirt listed in the notes – I swear that is what I can smell. AND I LOVE IT!! I get a lot of heat from this scent, and it really does smell like a hot rainy day.

  5. So many people smell the lemon in this, but I did not! It was strawberries in the rain for me, which was fine because I loved it! This was one that I got but was not sure about, as strawberries don’t always work for me and rain notes often smell like cleaner to me. But this is the real deal.

  6. Like eating strawberry cotton candy and creamy lemon squares in the rain. Despite that, not overly sweet, but with very true, fresh fruit notes, a hint of the baked/cream from the lemon squares, and the rain keeping it fresh and light. I don’t usually like fruit perfumes, and I love this one.

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