Brand: Stereoplasm

Scent Description: Heady and invigorating; flowering Green Dragon under a torrent of matcha tea with a dash of chartreuse. Soft implications of fresh sativa and pressed powder.

Released: Summer 2018

2 thoughts on “Myra”

  1. This smelled very one-note (and very plain) when I first got this perfume. But honestly, I do love a good green tea scent (and I sometimes like to smell like a powder-puffed courtesan) so I kept it in hopes that it’d mellow out from its trip to my house.

    It took a month, but *boy* is it worth it! This is a matcha scent that’s FRESH and LIGHT (and it’s got this lemony…crisp feel that I think is the chartreuse). Matcha scents can be so powdery and overly starchy-sweet–but this perfume manages to avoid being like that (and there’s a bit of green-ness like grass here, which further lightens this perfume on the skin). There’s also a bit of the pressed powder that I can detect–but to me that smells more like vintage body powder (like those fancy Yardley ones that come in a tin shaker). Definitely love this, and I’ll be coming back for more of this!

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