Pixie Beach

Brand: Stereoplasm

Scent Description: Light cedar dock wood over buzzing white water lilies and holy basil. Top notes of juicy pink grapefruit dusted with white sugar.

Released: Summer 2018

4 thoughts on “Pixie Beach”

  1. Sweet sugared citrus with a subtle green scent in the background, which apparently is the holy basil. It’s a very nice happy scent, suitable for the name. I don’t know if I need a FS of it though.

  2. Sweet grapefruit! This was a free sample, and I would never have chosen this scent for myself, but I totally just went out and bought a full-size. It’s so yummy! I want this to be a drink. I want to wear it and drink it. I don’t understand? Is Stereoplasm making me like fruit scents??

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