Weather Girl

Brand: Stereoplasm

Scent Description: Ambitious vanilla (and coconut) manipulates sweet lavender and carefree wildflowers. Sweet and potent, yet soft and lingering. (Early 1990’s-inspired)

Released: Summer 2018

2 thoughts on “Weather Girl”

  1. In the Bottle: artificial pineapple and coconut and maybe just a little bubblegum?? This brand is definitely a more of a “mainstream” style when it comes to scents, potentially headache inducing.

    On the Skin: This smells like a Bath and Body Works scent and it’s sweet and lightly floral. I even went into my sister’s room trying to find which one. I couldn’t find anything super similar but if you like Paris Amor, Sweet Pea and/or A Thousand Wishes you’ll probably really enjoy this. There is a cloud vibe to the vanilla it that I like.. I think I’m just hallucinating the pineapple because I’m used to fake pina colada scents. I smell absolutely zero lavender, which is usually a really overpowering scent. They are spot-on with that ‘soft yet lingering’ descriptor.

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