Dark Brotherhood

Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

Deepest shadowy dealings with the Night Mother – pitch black chocolate, leather assassin’s armor for stealth, smoke to disappear behind, bright pine, sophisticated suede, sandalwood, deadly vetiver, and a cotton scrap from your shrouded hood. We know.

NOTES – chocolate, leather, smoke, pine, suede, sandalwood, vetiver, cotton

1 thought on “Dark Brotherhood”

  1. In the vial I get chocolate, leather and smoky pine. Unfortunately this leather note (like most) doesn’t agree with my chemistry and comes off very chemical and salty. Once applied I lose the chocolate and smoke notes, and while the leather loses saltiness as it dries, it still smells very chemical. Dried down I get sandalwood and a warm suede, but that chemical leather note is still detectable.

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