300 Years

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description:

“I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle.”

Candle wax shrouded in dust, chilled earth, and brittle black fur.

5 thoughts on “300 Years”

  1. I don’t know how or why… But this smells just like my husband. It is so weird. I am just baffled. I guess he smells like Thackery Binx? Lol
    I have a sample vial of this and think I’ll hang onto it to sniff just in case he isn’t around and I miss him 😀

  2. Super smokey, less woodsmoke-y than Devil At The Crossroads but still pretty heavy. Candle wax does balance this out a bit and soon enough the candle note overtakes the grill. There is a dustiness to this, and overall it does smell old. Not sure about that “brittle black fur,” though.

  3. This one is strong and lingers on the skin for hours. Smells like a church that has burned down, everything wooden charred and the rest melted. Intriguing scent but I can’t imagine a right occasion to wear it to.

  4. This starts out smelling like charred wood. I don’t get candle wax until about an hour or two of wear. Though it smells smokey, it’s a chilled smoke. It settles to a dusty candlewax scent that is oddly comforting.

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