Black Cat

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Our interpretation of a hoodoo classic: A tincture of bay leaves, sage, three catnip leaves, opoponax, Himalayan sea salt, and iron nails, with honey (vegan), patchouli, tuberose, orchid, clover, cinnamon, and skin musk.

4 thoughts on “Black Cat”

  1. For all that’s going on in here I don’t seem to be getting much. At first blast, pleasantly herbal and sweet. Light vegan honey and pungent white tuberose (not overbearing to me; blends in quite well). The tuberose chills out fairly quickly and now I smell greenery and clean skin with a light hint of flowers… and that’s kinda it. Wears very close to the skin, have to press my nose there to smell it. Reminds me of a very nice, unobtrusive hand cream.

  2. I’m not a fan of honey perfumes so I didn’t like this upon application, but smelling it just a few minutes later… wow, this is so cozy and nice. “My skin but better” kind of scent. The honey is still there but it transformed into a different quality. It’s like a hug that’s been liquified into a perfume.

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