Heat Lightning

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: You can taste it in the back of your mouth — a storm’s brewing on the horizon. Coconut, hazelnut, clove, night blooming flowers, benzoin, and humidity trapped under a tin roof.

3 thoughts on “Heat Lightning”

  1. Whoa, this is strange and otherworldly. Thick, dank, dreamily atmospheric… “humidity trapped under a tin roof” makes complete sense. Make of it what you will but the first thing that comes to mind is “steamy iced tea.” This is a gulp of room temp iced tea that’s been sitting out for a while. There’s still condensation on the glass. It’s not as refreshing as you want it to be, but it’s so hot and humid in here, and you’re panting, and you just need some liquid down your throat. There is no booze in this tea but you suspect something illicit and heady may have slipped in anyway. Or maybe that’s just how you feel in this moment. Something about this perfume reminds me of sex. It’s not sexy in a traditionally perfumed or raunchy way… More like the humid atmosphere it evokes puts me in mind of a hot, dark night with sticky, naked skin. It’s unexpectedly sultry and highly evocative; not so much seductive as it is post-coital, with a distant storm rumbling closer.
    Stepping away from verbosity and into the actual notes: coconut is there and playing very nicely – this is not a coconut forward scent. Neither is it foody; it’s more like fibrous, woody coconut husk to my nose. Definite florals involved but I can’t tell what specifically. TSS is great with white florals and I wouldn’t be surprised if this blend included something indolic to dirty it up a bit. Clove dirties it up for sure, especially with benzoin backing it up in the base. Hazelnut is tough for me to pick out but I know it’s in there as an interesting back note. Can’t begin to describe this humidity business but dear god it exists and it’s fantastic.

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