Poor Dove

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Silver fir, paper wings, tuberose, sugared lilacs, tonka bean, and amber.

2 thoughts on “Poor Dove”

  1. For a scent without violets I sure am getting a powdery violet candy. It’s just like those violet smartie things. Soon enough amber and tuberose/lilacs? rear their ugly heads more distinctly. I say ugly only because when mixed, especially with sugar, they become powerful: the white florals are extremely white and indolic, and now they’re also lightly sweet and extra creamy smooth. That sounds amazing if you like strong white flowers but it isn’t my jam. Can’t pick out anything else; my nose is overwhelmed by unholy white.

  2. This is very mainstream perfume on me. The fir dominates in the first minute or so. Then the dry down loses most of it and it becomes a very powdery, close to the skin scent. Not unpleasant, but like a light department store perfume.

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