Crown of Roses

Brand: Traveling Vardo

Scent Description: Crown of Roses…. This is an unabashedly feminine perfume with a delicate but tenacious character. It’s built around a beautiful, soft tea rose heart accord with a somewhat sweet and fruity nature, supported by an elegant, velvety musk accord at the base and crowned with an understated blood orange top note.

This is really nice, and while I am not necessarily always a fan of rose perfumes in general myself, this is definitely one I can see myself reaching for on a cool, drizzly autumn or winter day. The musk accord here is quite tenacious and rich, with excellent longevity. The overall effect of this blend is quite elegant in its simplicity, perfect for those who love tenacious rose and musk scents that are on the more delicate side as opposed to the deeper, earthier side of the musk and floral spectrum. Personally, I’d classify this one as a more “youthful” rose fragrance.

You’ll only need a light touch when applying this one, sweet tarts!

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