Final Girl

Brand: Twisted Wonderland

Scent Description: Because every horror has that one! Sweet pea blended with vanilla bean and sweet spun sugar- this scent is all girl.

Released: Oh, The Horror Collection

2 thoughts on “Final Girl”

  1. So very pastel pink and lacy and very, very sweet. It’s not too sweet to be inappropriate for work – it’s actually quite mainstream in its vanilla + sugar + soft florals formula, and surprisingly inoffensive in that it was 90% sweet pea on me with a touch of vanilla candy floss. It’s not really ‘me’, but I did like it. I liked it enough to use up my sample quite quickly and it was put to use as a work scent as it’s so… nice and inoffensive. Not anything unique, but nice enough to feel comfortable wearing it around people without worrying about fumigating anyone with a shouty or acquired taste perfume, dare I say ‘pretty’? A good work scent. I got a few ‘what smells good?’ comments, it seemed like a people-pleaser, I even kind of missed it when I ran out – and the tough horror heroine association made me feel better about smelling so pink and girly, it was almost my badass secret in-joke. Ultimately, I might pick some more up for the next time I feel the need to smell frilly and pink and girly or just don’t know what to wear to work.

  2. Sweet pea! Followed by realistic cotton candy. This is really fluffy and pink and girly. But I like it.

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