First Frost

Brand: Twisted Wonderland

Scent Description: Red roses, fallen snow, gin martinis, winter fir, crushed cranberries.

Released: Winter 2017

2 thoughts on “First Frost”

  1. This is a perfect winter day scent! It starts out with a strong scent of snow frosted cranberries. With a bit of wear I can smell fir trees and a bit of gin! I don’t get roses but my skin very often eats up rose notes

  2. It’s a really nice scent, like a clean floral (mostly rose) soap. It’s a good scent for a nice clean smell. (It’s not the bad sort of soapy, it really smells like I just washed with floral soap). I wouldn’t expect to like a scent like this, but surprisingly I do. I don’t have any other scents like this (kind of curious if there are others).

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