Witch of the Wilds

Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

A coven of shapeshifters and apostate mages, hiding out in the Korcari Wilds. Mysterious incense in the woods, dark sweet blackberries and wild strawberries, a fiery cauldron, a grimoire covered in oakmoss, arcane amber, occult vanilla, furtive violet, witchy clove, and wind through the pine trees.

Notes: nag champa, blackberry, strawberry, fire, oakmoss, amber, vanilla, violet, clove, pine

Released: Dragon Age Collection

2 thoughts on “Witch of the Wilds”

  1. This is my favorite nag champa perfume. The fruit does come out pretty heavy at first, but when that heavier nag sets in, I’m just in bliss. It’s soft, smooth, and true to a quality nag incense. Doesn’t make me sneeze and no headaches either. Just a soothing incense. It does smell a bit like a metaphysical store, but in the best possible way. I love to layer this with other incensey perfumes or wear it for meditating.

  2. Fruit! Tons and tons of fruit at first, but then a (really really nice) oakmoss comes in, followed by some tasty nag champa-like incense. The violet is lingering underneath somewhere and it was a really nice touch to add a mysterious floral quality, I think. The clove is extremely subtle, I just get the faintest tingle of it – same with the pine, but I think that actually works for the scent overall. This smells a little headshoppy, but in a good way. As it dries, it gets some airiness to it that adds a mysterious quality and is really alluring.

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