State Fair

Brand: Alchemic Muse

Scent Description: Freshly squeezed lemonade poured over juicy, ripe blackberries and sweetened with spun sugar.

Released: Summer Lovin’ Collection

2 thoughts on “State Fair”

  1. This is incredible and smells way better than I even expected by looking at the notes. It starts as juicy sweet lemonade and blackberries (though I could’ve sworn there was strawberry or another fruit in there). It’s so rich and sweet, like snow cone syrup. After an hour or so, it gains a little bit of a sweet but powdery sharpness in the way sour candy has a powdery coating – This has to be the spun sugar. It’s fun and wears a long time (9+ hours so far), settling into a warm berry cotton candy at the end.

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