Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A union of impossible opposites – fresh split pineapple, aged mahogany, muskmelon, cistus, ambrette, and liquidambar

2 thoughts on “Chimaera”

  1. Very much so muskmelon, and pineapple with a woodsy side of things. I expected to love this, but instead am pretty ‘mehh’ about it.. it’s a purse perfume. I love alkemia, however the summer collection was kind of a bummer for me.. As the oils were too hard to decipher notes/ FS worthy or straight clean maiden.

  2. The pineapple and wood aspect of this sounded interesting. As for the muskmelon, cistus, ambrette and liquidambar…I couldn’t really pick them out. Something in this turns the pineapple scent into something kind of tart/sour. Skin chemistry can be a real downer. This reminded me of a plug-in type of smell. Seems that “fruit” notes can go really artificial on my skin and thats what happened with this. Also, something in this made my eyes water for a few hours. This is why I think it’s wise to sample before investing in a FS bottle. This didn’t work out for me.

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