Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Wild quince fruits, wild pears, apple blossoms, heliotrope, hawthorn accord, rowan berries, gorse flowers, vanilla musk, and white amber.

Released: The Celtic Twilight Collection

2 thoughts on “Bealtaine”

  1. Veeery fruity, with the apple and pear being the strongest notes for me. Both of those fruits tend to read as conditioner on my skin, so I’m not the biggest fan. It’s nice other than that though.

  2. Wet: sweet fruits, quince! Pears, fruit blossoms and some vanilla. Fresh spring.

    Dry: Still fruity but the florals grow stronger. Sweet florals. Still very much, I would say, a spring scent.

    The fruits and the florals exchange place during the wear: sometimes its mostly the quince and other times its the florals. I bought a full size of Bealtaine after almost using up my sample. It seems like the sample had more of a stronger quince. Maybe its something that gets stronger with age? The full size I got has the notes more blended together, harder to distinguish the quince that was so clear in the sample.

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