Bohémiens en Voyage

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Indian tobacco leaf, dried orris roots, freshly cut hay, sultry golden amber, rock rose, the subtle muskiness of sun warmed skin and buckskin suede, and a sweet kiss of wild sugar cane.

Released: The Wanderer’s Journal Collection

5 thoughts on “Bohémiens en Voyage”

  1. I want to like this but either the musk or the tobacco is reminding me of patchouli funk just a bit more than I’m comfortable with. And something about the rose note kind of goes “old lady’s living room” on me. I am enjoying the suede note, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep this one. The sugar cane note also just makes it sweeter than I prefer scents to be.

  2. a strange blend of notes that all come together and mysteriously create magic.. It’s a little green in a dry way, a tad sweet, with a bit of suede and a touch of powder from the orris. it smells like the sun warmed skin of someone walking in a field of dry hay bales. A great alternative to typical warm weather scents that are fruity, or ozonic or marine. Reminds me of a greener more earthy Traversee du Bosphore

  3. Clean, soft, fresh, and dry. The amber, hay, and tobacco definitely have a “golden” feel that reminds me of being outside on a hot day. The orris is not really perceptible to me; it might be what makes it seem clean to me, but it does not make the scent soapy or powdery. There’s a very slight sweetness from the sugar. Sillage is close to the skin, wear time is average (2-3 hours).

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